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We specialize in the deep processing and sales of dehydrated vegetables, freeze-dried vegetables and freeze-dried fruit powder

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Our products include dehydrated chives, carrots, spinach, onions, red sweet peppers and so on. The annual output is more than 4000t

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Xinghua runhe foods co.,ltd

Address:Industrial zone of chengdong town xinghua,jiangsu,China

Fax :0086-0523-83890077

General manager:Mr.Chen

Mobile: 0086-13962000298

Sales manager:Mr.Gu

Mobile: 0086-13813438388


Sales manager:Ms.Xu



Xinghua runhe foods co.,ltd

Xinghua runhe foods co.,ltd is a professional manufactory of dehydrated vegetables whose business line includes vegetables seedling cultivation,vegetables cultivating production,vegetables further processing & vegetables located at industrial zone of chengdong town xinghua city where is known as “land of plenty”.here are with adequate raw vegetables and rich resources.we have the stable base with an area of 1000 acres,specialized in planting raw materials of vegetables with high quality,production fitness and pollution-free..

Runhe foods·Planting base

It has a stable planting base of 1000 mu, specializing in planting pollution-free vegetables


  • Pretreatment
  • Cleaning workshop
  • Cutting workshop
  • Drying workshop
  • Selection workshop
  • Selection workshop
  • Semi finished produc
  • Semi finished produc
  • Packaging workshop
  • Packaging workshop